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14.03.03 - The EPP has released Kindle editions of many of its works! See our Mobile page for more information.
06.01.10 - Version 3.0 is available for purchase.
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We thrive off of volunteer help! If you are interested in supporting the project, here are some suggestions. Please contact us if you are interested in helping.

You as an individual can:

  • Can write testimonials regarding the use or value of EPP products.

  • Can volunteer as readers for EPP material. If you want to read a particular book that we plan to release in the future, we can send you a printed copy and you can report any errors you find.

  • Can join our volunteer proofreaders who check EPP-generated texts against their source texts.

  • Can volunteer as typists for very old or poorly-printed books that we cannot digitally reproduce.

  • Can produce useful subject lists from EPP material.

  • Can make any suggestions about how to improve the product interface.

  • Can collect and correlate biographical information about authors.

  • Can prepare more accurate or clear glossary definitions.

  • Can report any errors or bugs they might find.

  • Can volunteer as editors who carefully edit and correct EPP texts for later proofreading.

  • Can volunteer as HTML / Web experts to help solve EPP problems as well as extending the online and CD-based Web sites.

  • Can become EPP distributors.

  • Can tell friends about EPP !


Individuals may have special affection for particular reformed works and want to see them on the next EPP release for others to enjoy. Organizations (such as churches, book clubs, historical and tract societies, etc.) may have it as part of their mission to see particular authors or topics published.

Such individuals and organizations may want to consider becoming EPP sponsors. Sponsors volunteer any combination of funds, materials, volunteer time, etc. to the EPP towards work on a specific printed work or works.

Special requests from individuals or organizations for particular works, in support of kingdom ministry, even if not accompanied by offers of sponsorship, will be given priority as available time and resources allow.


Creating quality digital texts from older works is a very costly process. A typical 500 page Puritan volume costs many thousands of dollars to convert from its paper form to a faithful HTML file.

The cost are incurred in the following areas:

  • Labor

    • Scanning

    • Digital editing of scanned images

    • Text editing prior to proofreading and between consecutive proofreads

    • Comparative proofreading

    • Traditional proofreading

    • Computer programming fees

    • CD production costs

    • Administration

  • Materials and Equipment

    • Source material

      • Expensive, antique books

      • Modern reprints

    • Vast amounts of office paper to print the works

    • Large quantities of toner cartridges

    • Special text and image-handling software

    • Office supplies (butterfly clips, binding posts, etc.)

    • Equipment with mechanical components:

      • Scanners

      • Printers

      • Hard disks, CD Writers and other basic computer equipment

    • Significant mailing expenses to move material to and from the proofreaders

In light of these costs, the EPP is very glad to receive direct assistance to help move the Project forward at even greater speed and excellence. Probably the best way to support us is to buy CDs and distribute them to those who can use them.

Sponsoring particular works (as mentioned above) is also a very helpful way of assisting the EPP.

Indirect forms of support are most welcome. We can use donated materials, such as paper, toner cartridges, etc. The donation of source material is also very helpful. Please contact us first on this, as we already have many hundreds of books, booklets, tracts, etc.

To donate directly to the project through PayPal you can use the link below:


Publishers! Thank you for keeping the old books alive! The EPP would like to help and support publishers as much as possible.

The EPP can provide a fresh e-text (without Roman numerals, printing marks or printing errors) to publishers who are interested in republishing a particular book, perhaps in exchange for an acknowledgement or assistance with proofreading. Some publishers may already have several e-texts, but want or need more. The EPP would be glad to entertain e-text "trades" in such cases.

The EPP has undertaken republishing projects with Christian Research Press (The King James Version Defended by Edward F. Hills) and Reformation Heritage Books (A Compendium Of Bible Truth by Archibald Alexander, and others). Other publishers are welcome to join the effort!


As you may know, some people do not prefer to read long stretches of material on a computer screen!

If you would be interested in seeing your work on a future version of the EPP CD, where your potential audience can sample your work and your existing readers can use the EPP CD as an integrator and locator tool, please get in touch with us. Most (or all) modern authors who give away "e-book" versions of their works end up selling even more paper copies!

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